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Our german pages are called "Auf den Spuren der deutschen Schutzgebiete/Kolonien" which means" on the tracks of the german protectorates/colonies". We are going back in time, letting people of that time describe how things were. The articles we are using are mainly in german but for those interested in this period we have searched for english pages about the german protectorates. We hope that you can make yourself a picture about those times. On our german pages we have a certain amount of pictures and to make things easier for non german speakers we have a special page with these picture shows.

Germany entered the scramble for the colonies very late. Mostly traders were actually the founders of the colonies and around 1884 the first colony was aquired. When the first World War was over, the colonies were shared by the victors, although a treaty actually forbade this. But a new word was created, calling thes former colonies a mandate.England, Japan, Belgium and France shared these former german colonies amonst each other.

So Germany had colonies for roughly 30 odd years.

A term called Schutzgebiete was created which means protected areas/land and the troops were called Schutztruppe which is a protecting army. The term Protectorate was used.

The colonies in Africa were Togo, Cameroon, German South-West Africa (Namibia), German East Arfica (Tanzania, Rwanda,Burundi).
The part of Papua New Guinea which the germans had was called Kaiser-Wilhelmland ( Emperor William Land), further Samoa as well as several smaller islands in the Pacific.

A harbour in China called Tsingtao was also part of the german crown. Here the german navy was in control.

A legend says that Queen Victoria gave Mount Kilimanjaro as a present to the german Emperor, the truth is that the harbour of Mombasa was the real reason.

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Des liens en francais sur les colons Allemands

Les colonies allemands en Afrique: Le Cameroun, Le Togo, La Tanzanie (avec le Burundi et le Rwanda)et la Namibie.
En Chine c'etait le port de Tsingtau.
En plus il y avait le Samoa, la Nouvelle Guinee (secteur nord) et plusieurs iles au nord de la Nouevelle Guinee, com Palau, Yap etc,

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The African's Prayer
O european, thou art in Africa
Disgrace is thy name;
Thy kingdom go.
Our will be done in Africa
As yours is done in Europe.
We take this day our full freedom
And we shall not be lead into slavery
But will deliver ourselves from exploitation.
For Africa is our kingdom, our power, our glorious land.
Forever and ever ...

source: Grass Roots, Black Liberation Front, 1973, von rado jadu 2000

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